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Get in touch for further information:

Bagh Singh : 07958620744
Suki Singh Pooni : 07970847066
Siddharth Singh : 07828636099


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Note: There is no Gurudwara in place at the moment in Aberdeen, as we are still looking for a place. However weekly Kirtan darbar and Gurmat Classes takes place at the Sangat house. Please call the numbers under the contact list to get more information. Thank You

We are here to help you with HIS grace hence please do not hesitate to give us a chance to serve you. Please contact the sewadars regarding any aspect of the Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Gurudwara project or if you are just new to Aberdeen and need some help settling in (terms of looking for accomodation, studies etc), the Sangat of Aberdeen will be here to help you. In addition Your support and suggestions are most welcome.

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