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Daily Hukamnama

Path Sikh

Actions that we regularly perform over and over again become a part of our habit over a period of time and gradually our habits and rites become ingrained. A child repeats his multiplication tables over and over again and this regular repetitive action results in the multiplication tables diffusing into his sub-conscious mind. Multiplication tables learnt in this way help one solve difficult problems in no time at all. Remember this, when evil and immorality makes a strike out of the blue, most of the time the intellect does not work, in fact the consciousness becomes paralysed. Many a time after cleaning a room we close it up. No one ever enters the room, but the next day when we open it up we see dust on the glass and on the white bed- sheets etc. We are surprised. Where did the dust come from. How did the dust come into a closed room. The wise ones know that as the atmosphere is polluted, the dust particles keep floating continually into the room through tiny openings. Therefore cleaning the room daily with regularity is an absolute must. In the same way, living in this world under the influence of maya or materialism, the pollution attached to the mind too, needs to be removed regularly with the pure water of Gurbani.
- Bhai Joginder Singh Jee

Chaupai Sahib
This is a humble effort by the Aberdeen Sadh Sangat with HIS kirpa to motivate and allow the sangat to do and record their paaths whilst permforming other duties

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