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Sewa (Donations)

"Sa Sewa Kete Safal Hai, Jit Satguru Ka Man Mane"
Fruitful and rewarding is that service, which is pleasing to the Guru's mind

KhandaThe blessings and prayers from the sangat are required in every step we take towards achieving this humble goal. Hence this is a request on the behalf of the Aberdeen Sikh Sangat to please donate if you can towards this noble cause of opening a Sikh Temple in Aberdeen. Please set up a standing order or a direct debit

Sewa (Donations ) : Online                            Sewa (Donations) : Cheque (addressed to)

 Name – Aberdeen Sikh Sangat                    Aberdeen Sikh Sangat

 Sort Code – 80-22-60                                   8 Deeside Brae

Account – 13073462                                      Aberdeen, AB12 5TQ

                                    Bank – Bank of Scotland                              Sewa (Donations) : Cash 

                                                                                                               Please Contact any of the Sewadars

                                                                                                              through the contacts page                                                                                                                                                

Please show your support and join with us in this exciting next step for the Sikh Sangat, Aberdeen.

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